Vegan apple pancakes

05 July 2014

Weekends are for slightly more involved breakfasts. During semester, I rarely have the energy, but now that I'm on break, I get to have fun. Enter Apple Pie Pancakes from Chocolate Covered Katie, topped with vegan butter and stewed apples:

Apple pancakes with vegan butter and stewed apple

I used plain flour, grated the apple instead of finely slicing it (just over half an apple), used sugar rather than the stevia, and included the coconut oil. They were delicious, an opinion seconded by the resident omnivore. My only complaint is that what you see in the pictures is all that the recipe made, so Hunter and I only had 1.5 pancakes each. I'm not sure we would have managed to finish a double batch as they were quite thick, but, then again, who objects to leftover pancakes? Next time, I'll make double, which should serve 3 light eaters, or 2 hungry people.

Apple pancakes with vegan butter and stewed apple

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