17 June 2014

This was originally just a test post so I could play with layout. Unfortunately, since my last blogging attempt, Blogger has introduced auto-posting to Google+, so my test post went public... You shouldn't be looking at the blog now since the design is atrocious and currently in progress. However, since this post is already public, I might as well say the following:

Yesterday I had my last exam for the semester (yay!), so after some year and a half blogging hiatus, I intend to get back into blogging, albeit with a different spin. I intend for this to be a vegan recipe blog, plus. The plus will be whatever I feel like writing at the time, but I imagine that it might include book reviews, product reviews and random thoughts on various philosophical issues I find interesting, or happen to be studying, or happen to be studying and find interesting.

Don't expect any real content for a while, I'm also moving soon, and want to get the site design under control before uploading any posts. I do, however, have a number of posts in the works.

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